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Screw piles: Versatile, durable foundations

You may not see them, but they are there. Behind the scenes, Pro Post Foundation screw piles work hard, to firmly and sturdily support the structures that contribute to our daily living, and this, without even being visible. Here’s how:   What role do screw piles play in our daily lives?  As you sip your […]

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Installing a three- or four-season solarium: mistakes to avoid

Want to make summer last a wee bit longer and enjoy the sun even on cooler days? The ideal solution is to add a solarium to your residence. Besides making the most of the sun, this type of extension offers many other advantages: it increases your home’s resale value, and offers passive solar gain, additional […]

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Screw piles or sonotubes? The choice is obvious!

Have a project in mind? You want it to last and resist to the changing seasons? Harsh winters and spring thaws affect soil composition; therefore, you must ensure that your patio, garage, solarium, dock, etc. lay on solid foundations. You have two options: screw piles or sonotubes. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, sustainability and safety, […]

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Building a garage or a shed: Size, location, building codes and style

The garage and the shed – also known as a tool shed, outdoor cabana or backyard storage – are very practical, multifunctional spaces; put away Christmas decorations and bicycles, do little projects, park and maintain your car, or store your snowblower, tractor mower or ATV, etc. Before building a shed or a separate garage on […]

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Bye concrete sonotubes, Hello screw piles as a foundation for your project

The residential construction industry is starting to get out of concrete and sonotubes and getting into a newer, cheaper, and faster option. There is a growing trend to move away from the traditional process of installing a sonotube filled with concrete to provide a footing for decks, sheds, cottages or home additions. One alternative is […]

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