How to Choose and Install your Carport?

In order to counter the damage of various climate changes in Canada, many Canadians decide to install carports to protect their vehicles from bad weather and seasons that are sometimes difficult. Whether permanently or semi-permanently, it is true that the installation of a carport for your vehicles, or for your outdoor belongings helps greatly to keep them in good condition. What type of carport to choose? There are different types of car shelters, here’s what should help you make your choice between a canvas shelter, or a carport on helical piles. 

Canvas shelter: the pros and cons

Canvas shelters are still very popular due, among other things, to their low cost and the ease of installation that can be done yourself. We assemble and disassemble it as we please when we need it, and only with the help of one or more pairs of arms. That’s it, that’s all!

On the other hand, it should be noted that depending on the municipality, certain restrictions apply to this type of shelter. There is usually only one set period during the year in which it is permitted, in winter. Also, some neighborhoods do not tolerate canvas shelters for aesthetic or safety reasons; these can block the vision of motorists if they are not properly installed and in the right place.  

In addition to having to take them out and store them from year to year, there are also some inconveniences to consider such as the aging of the canvases and aluminum structures, which over time weaken and no longer assemble as easily. This will therefore ensure that you will have to get a new shelter after a few years, which will end up doing the same thing in turn.

Carport on screw piles: an informed choice

Screw piles are a solution to consider in the construction of a carport since they offer countless advantages. However, one should of course expect a higher cost than a canvas shelter, considering that it is permanent.

However, there are many factors that justify its higher cost, such as the fact that it is a unique installation that is free of damage to your land and lasts over time. Indeed, a carport on screw piles does not require maintenance or almost and there are no major repairs to be carried out over the years (changes of canvases, tubing, etc.). In addition, the installation of the piles is done at an incomparable speed of execution. 

Finally, a carport on screw piles guarantees stability against the movement of the ground during freezing and thawing, against wind and bad weather, in addition to supporting the weight of snow on its roof. Say goodbye to the shelters that go to the wind and end up at the neighbors’ houses! 

Several options are available to you 

Several possibilities are available to you when you make the choice to have a shelter on screw piles. At first glance, you can choose to have it attached to your home, according to your need and the space that is available. Do not worry if it is an asphalt part of your yard, our specialists are able to screw your piles properly and there will only be a few small aesthetic touch-ups to be made afterwards. 

If you prefer a freestanding structure, know that it is possible to build a shelter that is not attached to your home. The piles serve as an anchor to prevent the movement of the shelter while ensuring flawless strength and durability.

This should help you make a choice between the annual installation of a canvas shelter or the permanent installation of a carport on screw piles. The important thing is to protect your belongings or your vehicles against the bad weather and harsh winters that we know well in Canada! 

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