Pro Post Foundations has 35 accredited dealers to serve you in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and Manitoba. Our vast network of franchises specialized in screw pile installation is present in several eastern Canada locations, i.e. Monteregie, Lac St-Jean, Outaouais, Winnipeg, Newfoundland, Thunder Bay, South-East New-Brunswick, etc.

All of our accredited dealers share our business values: client service, professionalism, honesty and creativity. Wherever you are, our clients are at the heart of what we do! The quality of our screw piles and our versatile equipment’s performance is the same everywhere.

We are proud of what we do, and our business philosophy is the same for everyone. Wherever you are, you will be receiving the same quality services and our specialists – with the help our technical assistance team – will always offer you the best solution possible for your specific needs.

A simple telephone call to your local dealer is all that is needed. Our expert will be able to answer your questions, determine the scope of your project, and the best time to proceed with the pile installation. If need be, he will come to your home to better evaluate and understand the specificities of your project. At Pro Post Foundations, our emphasis is not only on the structure itself, but also on what you will be using it for!

Come installation day, only one installer will be coming to your home. He will be using a mini-tractor equipped with lawn tires that will be gentle on your property, and he will install one pile at a time until the work is completed. He will then put everything back into place and erase any trace of his coming. You will be ready to begin your construction project as soon as the piles are in the ground!

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