Jeff Beers, our Pro Post Foundations distributor and installer for South-East New-Brunswick, offers rigorous and personalized services.

Jeff Beers was looking for new challenges and to broaden his business experience when he decided to become a Pro Post Foundations distributor and installer for South-East New-Brunswick. Jeff particularly enjoys the entrepreneurial and management aspects of business. He is therefore happy to be at the helm of own business and to be able to call the decisions as things unfold.

Jeff chose screw piles because he thinks that it’s an ideal product for his region. With an expanding market, Jeff saw the opportunity and took advantage of it.

Why did Jeff choose Pro Post Foundations? Because of its quality products and services! Jeff will tell you that our products are more sturdy and resistant than those of the competition and other building materials. He will also tell you that the Kubota mini-tractor we use to install the piles can reach even the most difficult to access areas, and that its lawn tires will leave virtually no trace of its passage! Pro Post Foundations screw piles are installed in a clean and efficient manner, and they offer unparalleled structural stability when compared to other alternatives such as traditional concrete foundations and concrete piles (Sonotube).

Over the last 8 years, Jeff has worked as a building contractor. He therefore brings a wealth of management and other knowledge to his new business venture.

Jeff is proud to do business with Pro Post Foundations, a specialized and ever evolving company who works hard to satisfy all of its customers. Jeff also appreciates the personalized support he is given by Pro Post Foundations’ head office!

Are you planning a house extension, a garage, or a warehouse for your business? Contact Jeff, who will offer you all of the services you might need!

Screw pile applications

From clotheslines to cottage foundations, screw piles can be used for an ever increasing number of things! Screw piles can be used to support all sorts of structures: car ports, terraces, houses, cottages, house extensions, solariums, lamp posts, clotheslines, and much more.