Screw Piles
The long-lasting choice

The Anatomy of a Screw Pile

The 3 components of screw piles

1 Support head

Fixed or adjustable, it allows an adjustment of the height of the supported structure. There are several types of heads to accommodate different types of structures.

2 Central shaft

The central shaft can be adapted to any type of construction or renovation. Its diameter and length vary according to the amount of load to be supported and the nature of the ground. A circular steel blade is welded to the bottom of the shaft.

3 The Blade

Installed below the frost level, it serves as an anchor for the screw pile in addition to preventing their extraction. Their size is established according to the type of structure, the load-bearing capacity of the soil and the load to be supported.

The dimensions of the piles

Each project has its pile.

To adapt to all types of projects and types of land, Pro Post Foundations offers several sizes of piles, shafts and blades. Whether it is to support a building or a lamp post, we have the piles you are looking for. Consult the different technical sheets for all the details.

1’’ 7/8

  8 inches

   10 inches

2’’ 3/8

  8 inches

   10 inches

   12 inches

   14 inches

2’’ 7/8

   10 inches

   12 inches

   14 inches

3’’ 1/2

   10 inches

   12 inches

   14 inches

Piles or components can be custom designed for extreme or particular situations. Pro Post Foundations works with a team of engineers and a production plant capable of making modifications to parts and producing them according to technical standards and specifications. Contact us for more details.

Our piles are guaranteed!

Build in complete safety

Every Pro Post Foundations product is fully guaranteed against manufacturing defects. The quality of our galvanized piles is at the heart of our company's success. You can therefore build your project in complete confidence and safety.

The screwed piles advantages

Build safely

Each Pro Post Foundations product has a full warranty against manufacturing defects. The quality of our galvanized piles is at the heart of the success of our company. You can therefore build your project with confidence and in complete safety.

Tested and
approved product

Engineered product tested
according to the ASTM
industry standards.

Long life with
a guarantee

Long life with
a guarantee on the product
and on the installation!

Fast and
free of wait

Quick installation and you can
can build as soon as the
piles are in the ground!


Can be moved and
do not damage
the environment!

The best value for money

Our piles meet the highest certification standards in the industry. There is no doubt that they are the best on the market. Unlike the screw piles available in hardware stores, Pro Post Foundations screw piles are high-end engineered products, certified by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre under license 13608-R and in compliance with the National Building Code. Installation must be done by a certified installer.

For an estimate of the cost of a specific screw pile for your project, we invite you to contact one of our certified installers in your area. He will be able to advise you on the number and type of screw piles to install and will provide you with a price that includes the installation.