Our Screw piles

What is a screw pile?

Similar to a giant screw, the piles are driven into the ground using specialized equipment and are anchored into place thanks to a helix plate situated at the bottom of the shaft. The piles can therefore securely support structures such as houses, patios, garden sheds, fences and much more. The piles can be used to support new or existent structures.

Contrary to concrete foundations, screw piles are installed below the ground’s frost line and are impervious to ground movements. They therefore offer unparalleled stability even in poor soil quality and on inclines.

How do Pro Post Foundations’ screw piles stand out from the lot?

Made of galvanized steel and in conformity with the National Building Code under the CCMC license 13608-R valid across Canada, Pro Post Foundations screw piles are installed below frost level by our team of expert installers who are the heart and the very essence of Pro Post Foundations. Pro Post Foundations is more than a quality product: it is a helical pile among the best of its category combined to an unequalled customer service and installation thanks to its innovative and polyvalent equipment that will have minimal impact on lawn and landscaping. Choosing Pro Post Foundations is choosing the best from each of what is part of a 100% satisfaction guaranteed screw pile installation.


Components of Pro Post Foundations helical piles

  1. Pile head

    Fixed or adjustable, the pile head allows to adjust the level of the structure being supported.

  2. Central shaft

    The central shaft comes in different sizes and lengths in order to fit the structure’s size, be it a new construction or a renovation. The shaft’s diameter and length will vary according to the load bearing requirements and the type of soil. At the bottom of the shaft, there is a circular helix plate that holds the pile in place.

  3. Helix plate

    The helix plate anchors the pile under the ground’s freezing line and prevents it from being torn out of the ground. The plate size depends on the type of construction, the soil’s load bearing capacity and the weight of the structure.

What sizes of screw piles are available?

The screw pile’s size will depend on the type of project you are planning:

What are the advantages of using screw piles?

Screw piles are a safe, durable, cost-effective and clean alternative to concrete piles (Sonotube®). Using screw piles will also allow you to avoid all of the problems associated with traditional concrete foundations. The table below compares concrete piles (Sonotube®) to screw piles:


Certified helical piles

When installing screwed piles, require nothing less than piles in conformity with the National Building Code certified by the CCMC. Pro Post Foundations screw piles are certified in conformity with the National Building Code by the Canadian Construction Materials Center under License # 13608-R.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Pro Post Foundations helical piles are proudly installed by certified specialists trained by the manufacturer. Their know-how and professionalism ensure total satisfaction on the installation of screwed piles.

Neat workplace after pile installation

Pro Post Foundations uses a Kubota tractor for the installation of its screw piles. Equipped with turf tires, our versatile equipment has minimal impact on your lawn and landscaping.

Certified product, dedicated team, neat and guaranteed quality work. Require the Pro, Require Pro Post Foundations


For complete peace of mind, Pro Post Foundations screw piles are fully guaranteed against manufacturing defects and so are the installation services.