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Whether it is to support a building, a house, a cottage, a terrace, a solarium, a spa or even a lamp post, screw piles are the best alternative. With a quick, durable and guaranteed installation, this alternative is more versatile and resistant than concrete foundations. The applications of screw piles are unlimited! No matter the size of your project, you can count on the professionals at Pro Post Foundations to support it safely.


A quick and easy process

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Find out how simple it is to complete your project with the professionals at Pro Post Foundations. All it takes is one call, an email or an online quote request for one of our experts to begin the process with you.


Gathering of information


Validation with engineering
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Screw piles installation
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The Applications

Perfect for any project

The applications for screw piles are limitless. They can support very massive structures such as buildings, houses or warehouses but they can also support lighter structures such as terraces, sheds, gazebos, lamp posts, mailboxes and much more.


A complete warranty

Product and installation

Every Pro Post Foundations product comes with a full warranty against manufacturing defects. We also offer a guarantee on the installation of the piles. You can therefore carry out your project in complete security and enjoy peace of mind for years to come!

For a certified and guaranteed product, a team of dedicated professionals, a clean and high-quality work, demand the pros, demand Pro Post Foundations.

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Pro Post Foundations is a network of over 37 franchisees that is constantly expanding across Canada. Find a Pro Post Foundations certified installer in your area and carry out the project of your dreams with confidence!


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