Thanks to its professional approach, powerful and adaptable machinery delivering quick and precise pile installation at a competitive price, Pro Post Foundations rapidly gained an enviable reputation in the Eastern Townships.


A turning point for Pro Post Foundations: the establishment of a franchise network all over the province of Québec.

Pro Post Foundations Eastern Townships and Pro Post Foundations Centre du Québec come into being in 2011.


Pro Post Foundations now has 18 established franchises in Québec, and is gaining ground in Ontario, particularly in the Toronto area. We have just moved into a brand new 10,000 sq. ft. plant in order to keep up with the increased demand.


Pro Post Foundations celebrates its 10 years of existence! Pro Post Foundations now boasts 25 distributors serving people all over Québec, Ontario, the Maritimes, and Manitoba.

Through the years, we have always been loyal towards our customers, employees and franchisees. We started as small family-owned business and we have slowly grown into a company that distributes its products in several Canadian provinces.

We support passion, and we actively encourage our employees and franchisees to commit themselves to their work and to take responsibility for their actions.

Our family‑oriented business culture is obvious at all levels of the company, and is particularly evident in the way we conduct business and make decisions on a day to day basis. Thank you for your continued support during all of those wonderful years.

Pro Post Foundations franchisees

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our clientele a set of elements that will come together to form a unified whole, i.e. the basis for a unique experience. We offer:


Our foundation screw piles are produced using superior quality material.


We are passionate about innovation and new market development.

Trouble-free installation

We install our screw piles using powerful, adaptable, high‑performance machinery and equipment.

Highly skilled professionals

Only people who share Pro Post Foundations’ corporate values are allowed to install our products.

Our Approach

First, there is a structure that needs to be anchored. Then there is YOU, your project and your needs. That is when we come in, to offer you a product that will meet your needs and give you complete satisfaction. We aim at becoming the leader in the manufacturing and installation of helical foundation piles.


Our Values


Clients are central to our approach. We offer more than foundation piles – we take the time to listen to what you need.


Whether performing administrative, manufacturing or installation tasks, our entire team of professionals constantly strives for your satisfaction as a customer.

Integrity and honesty

Our professional customer centered approach guides all of our interactions with you, the client. We team up only with people who share the same values – suppliers and business partners who wish to offer their clients only the very best services and the highest quality products available.

Creativity and innovation

Our work environment and our corporate culture encourage communication, involvement and collaboration. As a team, we join forces in order to offer you the best products, machinery, and value added services. We will convince you that Pro Post Foundations is the best choice possible for your project.

Our Team

Alain Girard / President
Marie-Claude Lacasse / Commercial Director
Vanessa Ainslie / Administrative Assistant
David Couture / Team Manager