Technical Informations

Get the informations you need about our screw piles

The screw pile’s size will depend on the type of project you are planning:


Certified helical piles

When installing screw piles, require nothing less than piles in conformity with the National Building Code of Canada 2015. Evaluated by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre under licence 13608-R, Pro Post Foundations screw piles meet the highest industry standards. View our evaluation from CCMC here

Guaranteed satisfaction

Pro Post Foundations helical piles are proudly installed by certified specialists trained by the manufacturer. Their know-how and professionalism ensure total satisfaction on the installation of screw piles.

Neat workplace after pile installation

Pro Post Foundations uses a Kubota tractor for the installation of its screw piles. Equipped with turf tires, our versatile equipment has minimal impact on your lawn and landscaping.

Certified product, dedicated team, neat and guaranteed quality work. Require the Pro, Require Pro Post Foundations