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Trevor Murphy

Trevor Murphy, our Pro Post Foundations distributor and installer for the Winnipeg region, offers unique and professional services.

Trevor Murphy has been a Pro Post Foundations screw pile distributor and installer for the Winnipeg region since 2016. Wanting to know more about a product still not very well known in his area, Trevor did a lot of research about the industry, and finally decided to join the Pro Post Foundations team. According to Trevor, the company offered him unique and incomparable expertise to start up his business.

What does Trevor think of Pro Post Foundations products? Trevor will tell you that they are excellent quality products! Resistant, sturdy, reliable, durable, eco-friendly are all adjectives that he uses to characterize Pro Post Foundations products. Trevor is also very happy with the equipment used to install the piles. The Kubota mini-tractor allows him to reach even the most difficult to access places, whether it be a tiny backyard or even a home’s basement! Trevor knows firsthand about this since he once had to knock down a wall to gain access to a home’s basement so that he could install piles to support the house’s floor. The work was done cleanly and to the customers’ utmost satisfaction!

Before joining Pro Post Foundations, Trevor was an avionics mechanic and inspector. This allowed him to gain mechanical knowledge that can be put to good use in his new line of work.

Are you planning a house extension, a garage, or a warehouse for your business? Contact Trevor, who will offer you all of the services you might need!