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Christopher Tabone

We used Pro Post to install a clothesline in our backyard and had a wonderful experience. Bill, the owner, wrote back the same day I inquired about the clotheline and included photos of previous projects for reference. He visited our house for a quote a few days later and we had the post in the ground in less than a week! The installation crew was extremely professional, friendly, and helpful. They even ran the line after installing the poll and included a few small pieces of hardware to secure our line to the poll (we supplied all the clothesline parts and they attached it for us). I honestly have never dealt with a company who would go that extra mile to not only install the post but to also take care of running the line for us! After they leftwe had a fully functional clothesline ready to go. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pro Post for any screw pile application. They're the best.

Rebecca MacLeod

Very well explained. True to quote. Reasonably priced. Punctual workers who explained the whole process. Very accommodating and knowledgeable. Highly Recommended!!

Erica Alex

Excellent communication, service and reliability from Pro Post! I recieved a text the day prior to the install, stating the arrival time and what needed to be done for the posts to go in (I.e have the contractor mark the post spots) The guys showed up on time, were kind, professional and did a great job. Very refreshing! Would definitely use Pro Post again.

Lynne Downing

We had a great experience with these guys! Very professional. Will definitely use them again. We highly recommend them!

Robin Coish

These guys helped me out with a clothesline pole. They put in a pole, and hooked up the kit I had, pretty quickly and quietly. Easy group to get along with too; They worked around my shift work schedule. I'd had the one pole previously installed by another contractor, but they left town before installing the second. When the clothesline kit didn't fit the pole that I'd had previously installed, the Pro Post crew came back, twice, to make sure the bracket ended up installed; and I had a functional line. They even capped my first pole. You don't often get follow through like that now a days. Couldn't be more grateful!

Bill Brydon, installer and distributor in Nova-Scotia’s Halifax region, offers attentive and efficient services.

“One year before I finally decided to work in this field, I travelled to Sherbrooke in order to meet Alain and his team. I immediately felt comfortable with the business and the way it is run, and I had the distinct feeling that I could work with the owner”, says Bill. Thoughtful and analytical, Bill wanted to make sure that he understood the business and its market specificities well before making his move. He felt that this technology was underutilized in Nova-Scotia and that the initial investment into the industry was reasonable. Also, since Bill wanted to develop his own market base, he was won over by the fact that Pro Post Foundations offered product distribution contracts rather than traditional franchises.

Since April 2017, Bill has been distributing and installing Pro Post Foundations screw piles in Nova-Scotia’s Halifax area. What are the advantages of doing business with Pro Post Foundations will you ask? Bill will tell you that the equipment used to install the piles and the services we offer our clients are the two main features that set us apart from the competition. Our specialized mini-tractor is at the core of our superior quality services. Equipped with a 16’-high boom, it allows our installers to reach areas that are off limits to the competition. Also, since it’s equipped with soft rubber lawn tires, our mini-tractor will not damage your landscaping as another tractor would.

With prior experience in the security and law enforcement sectors, Bill served in the RCMP for 32 years before retiring in 2012. During this time, he served as a regular police officer, infiltration agent, narcotics investigator, hostage crisis negotiator as well as detachment and peace keeping unit commander. Bill’s human approach allows him to offer his clients outstanding services. Having also worked as operations manager of forwarding agents for five years, Bill takes pride in having managed some 1700 employees, and generated $40,000,000 in revenues. Having been a franchisee for College Prospects of America, and having owned a realty property maintenance business for 15 years, Bill has an extended skill set and knows the business world!

Thanks to his business acumen, his analytical approach as well as his excellent leadership, Bill effectively manages his Pro Post Foundations screw pile distribution and installation services!

What project is Bill currently the most proud of? His Sinclair Ave. project… Have a look!

Screw pile applications

From clotheslines to cottage foundations, screw piles can be used for an ever increasing number of things! Screw piles can be used to support all sorts of structures: car ports, terraces, houses, cottages, house extensions, solariums, lamp posts, clotheslines, and much more.