John Wray and Corey Sadler, our Pro Post Foundations distributors and installers in Thunder, Bay, Ontario, offer competitive quality services.

At the beginning of 2016, John Wray and Corey Sadler decided to join the Pro Post Foundations team of distributors and installers for the Thunder Bay area. Looking for an entrepreneurial experience, the two partners were interested in our innovative product, which they thought would allow them to achieve commercial success.

Why did they choose to become Pro Post Foundations franchisees? John and Corey say it’s because of the products’ quality! According to them, other products on the market have never reached our products’ sturdiness, reliability and performance ratings. They are right, since our products’ load bearing capacity is 25% superior to that of other products using equivalent tightening torque.

John and Corey both have construction backgrounds and are experienced users of heavy machinery. Having often seen problematic concrete foundation installations, they wanted to offer clients an interesting and viable alternative to the traditional methods. Their extensive knowledge comes in handy in the screw pile industry.

What is their biggest achievement to date? A mobile home installed on Pro Post Foundations screw piles!

Screw pile applications

From clotheslines to cottage foundations, screw piles can be used for an ever increasing number of things! Screw piles can be used to support all sorts of structures: car ports, terraces, houses, cottages, house extensions, solariums, lamp posts, clotheslines, and much more.