Building Your Deck: Starting With a Solid Foundation

The summer season is fast approaching, and we can already start enjoying the beautiful, warm spring days that Mother Nature has given us! We get the bikes out and prepare the land and the pool for the summer that is just next door. It’s also the time to start our construction or renovation projects in the yard. Indeed, there is nothing better than enjoying the beautiful summer days on a functional and well laid out deck. A deck or porch can usually also be used as a dining room, living room or even a lounge. The most important thing is to be able to take advantage of this space to receive family or friends and create wonderful memories with those you love. Whether it’s for brunch or drinks, there are several things to consider when planning your project. 

Building a porch: elements to consider in planning the project

First of all, we must determine our needs and what function our porch or deck will serve. Do you prefer to build a fireplace to enjoy the beautiful summer evenings and even later in the season when the coolness of dusk is felt, or do you wish to have a large space to receive guests and even celebrate special events? Maybe even if we have the space! Next, we need to determine the desired style to know what types of materials we should use in the making of the project. Of course, we must always keep in mind the purpose of the terrace, for example, do we intend to install a spa? If so, you need to find materials that can support the weight. You must also determine the surface area required. You can choose to make different levels or to give a specific shape to your deck. 

Secondly, one must also consider whether one wishes to be able to use the porch at all times, even when it rains. If this is the case, it will be necessary to cover a part or the whole patio. We also have the option of installing privacy walls to have more intimacy in a certain section. The Home Depot hardware store offers a free online tool to design your dream deck. Finally, it is important to choose the landscaping on the deck and around it that will give the final look to the project! 

Screw piles to solidify your porch or deck

When choosing the materials for your porch or deck construction or renovation project, the first thing to consider is the foundation. Thus, screw piles are preferred because they provide unparalleled stability and durability. In addition, the quick installation of the piles allows the project to begin immediately after their application, so no delays or additional time are required! Screw piles are discreet and versatile, so they are the ideal solution for any project you have in mind! In addition, during the development of your project, it is important to validate with your municipality since many require the use of helical piles that comply with the building code for the installation of a deck attached to the house. Don’t forget that you need a permit from the town to be able to implement your project! 

As with any renovation or construction project, there are many details to think about and elements to determine, but then, when your project is finally completed, you can finally enjoy the summer on your dream terrace! That’s happiness, isn’t it?

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