Protection bollard: For optimal security

In a world where more and more cars roam the roads, protection bollards are becoming increasingly popular and play a valuable role when it comes to security. Generally speaking, when security is an issue, we want nothing but the best and protection bollards are definitely the optimal solution. Find out what they are about and how helical piles can help you ensure the wellbeing of the people you care about.

What are protection bollards?

Essentially, bollards are steel posts that provide a solid barrier around a vulnerable or fragile structure or to fence a walking or biking path. They are the simplest and cost efficient way to protect pedestrians or buildings since they simultaneously provide a physical and visual barrier. That is why bollards are often painted in bright florescent colors so they can be seen from a fair distance
as well as in the dark. They also come in various lengths and sizes with different visual features depending on their purpose and location.

When are they used? 

Bollards are versatile protection posts that are found in many places such as in front of garage doors, storefront windows or even outdoor structures and installations at risk of being damaged by passing vehicles and/or heavy construction equipment. They are also commonly found in parking lots to provide a safe area and passageway for pedestrians. That is why protection bollards are often seen in park entryways and along bike paths in order to provide a safe zone for the many users. In many cases, protection bollards are required by certain municipalities and insurance companies notably in the presence of oil tanks, propane, or gas tanks to prevent a vehicle collision and avoid a potentially deadly explosion. They are therefore necessary maybe even mandatory in such circumstances.

Protection bollards offer optimal security when they are supported by helical piles. Their installation is solid, reliable and durable throughout the years making them the perfect and easy solution to insure an uncompromising peace of mind. Seek out a professional helical pile installer and get the full bollard protection wherever you need it.

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