The roads we roam in our daily lives are decorated by a wide array of beautiful billboards promoting the many local businesses in an area.  Those signs are of the outmost importance for these small and medium size businesses as they provide a multitude of valuable information that makes it easier for customers to spot and recognize their brand from a distance.  These are therefore carefully designed and crafted to draw the eyes and attention of as many passing people as possible.  Needless to say that these signs and billboards have to be well anchored into the ground so that they will withstand adequately to weather conditions and remain durable over time.

There are various methods and systems to insure a sturdy foundation for holding up such billboards.  It would be interesting and insightful to get a bird’s view of the different options that are available on the market to see if they meet the sought out stability and longevity criteria in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Concrete can be used as a foundation to support and anchor commercial billboards.  It provides top level stability and will last for decades to come.  However, it is imperative to use a certified high quality concrete mix to obtain optimal results and avoid complications.  The process is somewhat costly if installed in remote or restricted areas. Concrete does not allow the sign to be moved unless the installation steps are repeated. Overall, concrete fulfills its functions and ensures good long-term results.



Some billboard manufacturers offer complete structures with their own anchorage system.  These types of structures are very reliable and durable but they are not accessible for all budgets.  They are often used with a concrete base in the case of oversized signs such as those seen along highways.  They also offer some interesting features, including integrated lighting systems that significantly increase sign visibility. You can choose different options according to your budget, which remains interesting. These systems obviously require some engineering in order to insure the long term stability of the structure.

Helical piles represent a solid, long-lasting, versatile and most of all low-cost solution making them a viable alternative for billboards and signage holding.  They can support most commercial billboards and are very quick and easy to install.  When in groups of 2 or 4, they offer great lateral resistance that can withstand strong winds and other environmental conditions.  In some rare cases, helical piles can be combined with concrete to provide a stronger ground anchorage if deemed necessary by an engineer.  In fact, many certified helical pile installers offer engineering services that can precisely determine the exact positioning and quantity of piles required for large or oversize commercial billboards.  Some of them even create and manufacture custom steel structures to reinforce the billboard and achieve optimal stability.  It might be a good idea to validate if engineering services are available at your local helical pile provider before making your final decision.

The use of helical piles for your billboard or commercial signage is a very interesting alternative worthy of consideration for several reasons such as their relatively low cost, solidity, durability and flexibility as well as their quick and easy installation process.  Other interesting features of helical piles include the fact that they can be reused and that they represent absolutely no risk to the environment.

If you are the proud owner of a business, a mall or administrator of tourist attraction, it might be wise to consider using helical piles for your billboard in a solid and secure way.

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