Building a Green Home: An Advantageous Investment

Increasingly popular on the market, so-called “green” houses are a real revolution in the real estate sector, more specifically in the construction of buildings.

What is a green house?

As you can imagine, it is about building a house or a building while respecting and preserving the environment and nature. Also called an eco-responsible house, it considers three major factors: The preservation of natural resources, environmental quality and of course the choice of energy source (solar, wind or electric etc.).

Three dimensions must be considered when choosing to build a green house; starting with its design, the choice of materials, then its construction.

The essentials for your green home

To build a green house, you must first visualize and think about it, strictly speaking. Thus, ask for advice from recognized professionals specialized in the design of eco-responsible homes. Once the plans are completed, the construction stage is just as crucial.

It is necessary to use sustainable and eco-responsible materials in order to reduce costs, for example, by using screw piles as a replacement for concrete. Indeed, the foundation of the house or even balconies, stairs or ramps can be supported on helical piles. By making this choice, the use of concrete, which has a greater impact on the natural environment of the site, is greatly limited. It is true that screw piles are a safe bet for the environment from an ecological point of view because they do not require any excavation or earthworks during installation, so no need to use heavy machinery in the field. Thus, the condition of the land is preserved. In addition, the screw piles are reusable, allowing them to be unscrewed to replace them elsewhere, always without damaging the ground.

Then, it is necessary to define the operation of the green house by choosing the energy that will be used, prioritizing renewable energy. A good example of renewable energy is the installation of solar panels. It is necessary to aim for optimal energy performance always in order to preserve the environment. In addition, it is a sustainable choice, because solar panels require very little maintenance and have a long service life estimated between 20 to 30 years. Be aware that it is possible and increasingly recommended to support solar panels on screw piles, respecting the environment and also to ensure the use of a solid and durable product. 

The benefits of owning a green home

The benefits of owning a green home are numerous. In the first place, the health of its occupants can be guaranteed through the use of pollutant-free materials. Therefore, the main objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which we know are extremely harmful to the environment. On a more personal level, it also offers us the satisfaction of living in harmony with the environment.

While it is true that building a green home compared to a traditional home turns out to be 10 to 15% more expensive, depreciation will be relatively quick due to the many savings that will be made, especially in terms of heating and electricity costs. In addition, be aware that several government grants are available to build greener homes, depending on the province and the region where it will be built.  Just apply!

All in all, nowadays it is important to combine the preservation of the environment with the choices we make, especially when building a house or building. Going green and building an eco-responsible home is now a must in our society, especially when we think about the future of future generations! So, will you take the greener turn?

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