Why is Concrete and Sonotubes a Bad Investment ?

The limits of concrete foundations

When it comes to investing into projects on your property, you’ll probably think of concrete as the basic building material. However, it’s essential to consider if concrete, or concrete sonotubes, are really the best choice in terms of long-term investment.
In this blog, we’ll explore why concrete can be a bad investment, highlighting its financial and environmental limitations.

Budget management and concrete

1. High initial costs

Concrete foundations involve significant initial costs, mainly due to the cost of raw materials, skilled labor, and specialized equipment.
In addition, excavation is often unavoidable, representing a significant expense. These costs can put a significant pressure on a project’s budget, which may discourage you from going ahead.

2. Maintenance and repair costs

Concrete requires regular maintenance to avoid problems such as cracking, corrosion and deterioration. Maintenance and repair costs can accumulate over time, reducing your return on investment.

Concrete’s environmental limits

1. High Carbon Footprint

The production of cement, the main component of concrete, is a major source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Concrete’s high carbon footprint is a significant contributor to climate change.

2. Impact on natural resources

The extraction of sand, gravel and other raw materials for concrete production can lead to degradation of the local environment, especially in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

More Sustainable Alternatives

It is essential to consider more sustainable alternatives to concrete, such as glue-laminated timber construction, modular buildings, or screw piles foundations. These options offer both environmental and financial advantages, providing better investment potential.


Making the right decisions when investing in a property is essential to maximize returns while minimizing risk.
Obviously, we strongly recommend that you opt for screw piles foundations. Their cost-effectiveness, durability and environmental footprint are at the core of our mission at Pro Post Foundations. We believe in the affordability of sustainability.
In addition, it’s important to note that piles offer the notable advantage of being easily re-useable. More details can be found in this article: Sonotubes VS Screw Piles
Make a wise decision and invest in sustainability.

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