Installing your solar panels with screw piles: a wise choice

With environmental protection now at the heart of our concerns at the moment, we are all constantly looking for ways and solutions to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible, not to mention our desire to save on our energy bill.

As a result, we want to achieve self-sufficiency in various ways, including with our energy consumption. Thus, solar energy is increasingly popular in our society, both by people and companies.

Installing solar panels: an investment for the planet

There are several excellent reasons to invest in the installation of solar panels, including producing a clean, renewable source of energy. Here are some other reasons why you might want to follow the path to green energy:



Investing in solar panels can be an expensive choice at first, but will become a long-term investment, since in the end, they will be self-financing considering the savings in money generated. In addition, it is a sustainable choice, because solar panels require very little maintenance and have a long service life estimated between 20 to 30 years. By using the Pro Post Foundations screw piles, you also choose a sustainable solution. Indeed, our piles are hot dip galvanized according to well-established standards, they are protected against corrosion, their lifespan correspond to the structure of your solar panel and much more! In addition to being durable, screw piles are also reusable. So, if you’re reorganizing your land and you need to move your solar installation, you can do the same with helical piles.



Solar energy is a form of sustainable energy that will not deplete our natural resources. It also does not produce CO2, so does not affect the ozone layer, already well weakened by all other forms of energy. In addition, the sun’s rays are an inexhaustible energy resource. In the solar energy sector, many project engineers will opt for helical piles, which, compared to concrete, allows greater latitude in the movement of solar structures, ensuring their durability and support. Engineers also opt for screw piles for environmental issues.



Following the installation of your solar panels, the operating costs are very minimal. Obviously, they do not require any fuel, which is usually fairly expensive. Then, as these are immobile, they do not deteriorate over time. A few occasional maintenance visits and voila! Do not forget to periodically check the quality of your batteries, secret of success in your solar installation!

Screw piles: your allies for the installation of solar panels

Solar panels are more present in the field, and this is where Pro Post Fondations intervenes in your approach to energy autonomy. Indeed, helical piles are the foundation of choice for the installation of outdoors solar panels.  

Helical piles are above all ecological and also reusable. In addition, if you choose the solar option for your home, the installation leaves little or no traces on your land since they are installed with a mini tractor with lawn tires. 

Screw piles are resistant to climate change since they are installed below the level of frost on the ground.

No matter where you are, whether you are in the city or in a remote area, on your private property or to power our businesses, schools or universities, opting for the installation of solar panels using helical piles is a wise choice. Installation is quick and easy. Pro Post Foundations’ network of certified installers benefits from an in-house engineering service that will evaluate the various loads to be supported by the screw pile and determine the number and type of piles to be installed.


Our mission: to simplify your projects in a sustainable and ecological way, one pile at a time! 

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