Kids Playground: Recommendations For Your Foundations

Isn’t it true that there is nothing more wonderful in this world than to see our children grow and enjoy life to its fullest? Being a parent is probably the most fulfilling job there is and is nothing short of a privilege to take on that role. As parents, we are constantly looking for ways to please our kids and actively take part in the development of their intellect and motor skills. What better way is there than to provide them with an amazing playground? Using helical piles to support your backyard playground may very well be the most efficient way to go about it.

Your children are in good hands!

Thanks to the sturdiness of helical piles, you will have peace of mind when your kids are playing in their outdoor modules and going down slides as they provide a solid and secure foundation for your
kids’ playground. Anchored in the ground below frost level, screw piles foundation eliminate the risk of modules tipping over therefore preventing many severe injuries. That being said, there is no promise that you won’t have to deal with the occasional knee scratches!

With the various types of helical piles available, it is possible to build a wide variety of outdoor kids playground for your children according to your needs…Or theirs! Helical piles can be used to support a large variety of structures such as slides, monkey bars and entire wooden or steel playground structures, even an elevated playhouse or treehouse! You’ll probably make a few envious parents in your neighborhood. After all, who hasn’t dreamed of owning one of those?

A durable installation, and yet not to be permanent!

Choosing to use helical piles to support your kids’ playground is a smart alternative since it will provide you with a solid and durable foundation that will withstand season changes and the brutal winters Canadians are accustomed to. That means that you won’t have to take apart your modules and put them back together every year. Although solid enough to last throughout the years, your kids will grow up and they will eventually outgrow the desire to play in kids slides and play modules. No worries, when that time comes, helical piles can be removed without a trace and used for some other project. On the plus side, helical piles are environmentally friendly.

Just imagine your children’s faces as they discover their own new playground. Gone are the days of having to go to the neighborhood park for your kids to play outside as all the excitement is right there in your backyard. Seeing the pure amazement in our young one’s eyes is simply priceless. You can count on professionally installed helical piles for a quick and clean installation that won’t damage your backyard

Children’s playground in municipal parks:

The last decade has also allowed cities and municipalities to beautify and refresh their facilities, among other things by redeveloping the various parks. All are now more original than each other and of course, screw piles are required compared to concrete to ensure the stability of modular games. With the help of its engineering department, the screw pile company will know how to determine the right number and the right type of piles to install so that the installations are solid and safe. Screw piles being a product recognized by the building code make it a product of choice for children’s play areas.

Whether it is for a playground at your home or for a municipal playground, count on Pro Pieux Fondations for a professional installation, in accordance with the rules of the art so that these installations are the safest possible. Contact us for more information!

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