Screw Piles: A Tested and Approved Engineering Product

Screw piles play an essential role in supporting and solidifying the structure of any construction project. Since its role is crucial, it is essential to rely on high-quality piles. Screw piles are more than just a product on the market. These are complex engineering products that must pass several types of tests before arriving on construction sites.

In this article, we invite you to learn more about the certification of screw piles.

Screw piles: products tested and certified by engineers

Before being marketed, piles must undergo several tests to ensure that they meet the standards required by the building code. The piles are tested according to strict standards and rigorous quality controls, under the supervision of engineers experienced in the field; geotechnical, metals, structure, to name a few fields of expertise. During these tests, one evaluates in particular how the piles behave in the different soils (sand, clay, rock, earth, etc.). These tests provide information on three essential performance criteria of the screw pile: its load-bearing capacity, its resistance to pulling, and its lateral force in different soils.

Further laboratory tests are carried out on the physical capacity of the piles. We are talking here about tests on the central shaft of the pile to evaluate its resistance in bending and torsion, or even the ultimate limit of this central shaft. The same tests are performed on the fins/propellers to see their physical strength (breaking, bending, deformation). With all this information, in addition to having in hand the steel casting data (steel components), engineers have a lot of information in hand to choose the right type of pile to install according to the type of soil.

Then the piles must be approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Center (CCMC). In fact, in Canada, all construction products must be evaluated and accepted by CCMC.

For all of your construction projects, it is very important to use piles that have been tested and approved by CCMC. In addition, be aware that most municipalities and insurers require it. At Pro Post Foundations, our products have passed all certification tests with flying colors and are rated as reliable and high-quality products.


Simplified installation with Pro Post Foundations

Not only will the Pro Post Foundations products provide you with a stable and solid foundation, but they will also provide you with a simple and hassle-free installation. Within a few hours, your piles will be installed, and your project will be ready to start. The installation of screw piles leaves the premises clean; the ground remains intact and requires no excavation.

At Pro Post Foundations, we offer you a turnkey service for the choice, purchase, and installation of your piles. Upon reception of your plan or sketch, our engineering department will advise you on the number and type of piles to install for your project. Our network of certified installers will surprise you with its professionalism and the quality of the execution of its work.

Start your project on a solid foundation with us!

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