Renovate your backyard: get a return on investment of up to 75%

This year, many people are taking the opportunity to carry out renovations at home. To ensure a return on investment when it comes to renovating, many people have in mind to renovate their kitchen, basement, or bathroom.

If renovating these rooms gives more value to your property, having your backyard done could give you a better return on your investment ranging from 50 to 75%!

Renovating your backyard: an interesting return on investment

When it comes to renovating an outdoor courtyard, there are plenty of ideas! Therefore, Pro Post Foundations offers three suggestions that will enhance your backyard and make it more functional while increasing the value of your home. Now all you must do is create your dream backyard and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing summer!

Renovate your patio

Your patio no longer suits you? It is time to renew it! For your project to be successful, it is essential to think about how you are going to use it to benefit from it as much as possible. The ideal is to determine the zones according to the activities you want to practice. For example, a dining or reading area, garden, storage spaces or even a play area if you have children. A world of possibilities is available to you! Then, all you must do is decorate to create an atmosphere at your image.

Build a pergola

For a dream terrace that reflects the most beautiful landscapes of the South, opt for a pergola! The structure is quite easy to achieve. We advise you to choose a resistant wood such as cedar wood which is adapted to our climate. Once the structure is in place, decorate it with hanging planters, climbing plants and large sheer curtains to create an intimate corner where you can enjoy a meal or just your morning coffee.

Install an outdoor kitchen

Are you a fan of BBQ’s and dinners on the terrace? An outdoor kitchen is perfect for you! No more going back and forth to the kitchen during dinner. Sink, worktop and even refrigerator would be at your hand to cook like a chef. Why not include a small bar for a lounge atmosphere with friends? The kitchen is the centerpiece of a house so when you have both inside and outside kitchen, it is a major asset for you as well as for a future buyer.

Pro Post Foundations: your ally in all your projects

For all your construction or renovation projects, count on Pro Post Foundations piles for a solid foundation. They are ideal for supporting your patio, pergola and more. They will guarantee you a strong resistance during periods of freezing or thawing. Since they are made of galvanized steel, you can be reassured that they will not rust. Choose the strength and reliability of our screw piles.

Would you like some advice? Our experts can guide you in the choice and number of piles for your projects.

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