Extend The Life of Your Carport : A Complete Guide

Today, let’s dive into a topic that concerns every carport owner: how to extend the life of this essential structure. A carport often represents a considerable investment, so making informed decisions about the type of shelter and the type of foundation can play a decisive role in its lifespan.

Follow our detailed guide to ensure long-lasting protection of your carport and your vehicle.

1. Choosing the right type of carport

We invite you to read another of our blogs which answers in detail “How to choose and install your carport”. In that article we detailed the different types of carports available on the market.

In short, be sure to consider the size, material and design of the shelter to meet your specific needs. A well-chosen carport will stand up better to the elements, prolonging its lifespan.

2. Choose the Right Foundation

The foundation of your carport plays a crucial role in its stability and longevity. Among the available options, such as concrete, concrete blocks, sonotubes and screw piles, each choice has its advantages and disadvantages.

Concrete : Strong and sturdy, concrete provides a sturdy foundation. However, it can be prone to cracking over time, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Concrete blocks: An alternative to poured concrete, concrete blocks offer flexibility and are attractively priced. However, their stability can be affected by ground movement or strong winds.
Sonotubes: Designed to minimize ground contact, sonotubes can be a lightweight option. However, precise installation is required to ensure optimum stability. In addition, annual adjustments may be required if the ground is subject to movement.

Screw piles

Our specialty at Pro Post Foundations, screw piles are an innovative and durable solution. They are particularly well-suited to variable soils, and their durability is unrivalled. Screw piles are more expensive than sonotubes, but less expensive than concrete slabs.

By choosing the right foundation for your terrain and local conditions, you strengthen the base of your carport, contributing to its longevity.

The lifespan of your carport depends greatly on the decisions you make from the start. By choosing the right type of shelter and the right foundation, you can ensure optimum protection of your vehicle for many years to come.

At Pro Post Foundations, we’re here to guide you in making informed choices for your carport foundation. Contact us for personalized advice and lasting solutions. Extend the life of your carport with us, your trusted partner in the installation of solid foundations.

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