Warranties on Helical Piles

Present in many fields, warranties exist to protect consumers. The field of construction and screw piles is no exception. In fact, by choosing Pro Post Foundations screw piles, you benefit from a seven-year warranty on the products and their installation, which will give you peace of mind. Find out more about Pro Post Foundation’s warranty and see why it is so important.


Use compliant and certified materials

When working on a construction or renovation project, there are of course many details that need to be paid attention to so that everything is done in a compliant and safe manner. This is also the case when working on a piling project, safety and serenity is a must.

In addition to offering you satisfaction by using compliant and certified materials, you should know that some municipalities and cities require it according to the building code. This makes it a necessity to use high quality certified piles for your projects. In the event that you install piles that do not comply with the building code, you may be forced to remove your piles. This could result in additional unanticipated costs, as well as a significant delay in the construction or renovation timeline.

To prevent this type of situation, it is strongly recommended to verify with the pile manufacturer that the products are certified and compliant with CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre). This will give you the absolute certainty that you are using a superior quality product that meets the required standards for construction materials.

CCMC’s mandate is to advance and protect the construction industry with the assistance and support of the Canadian Construction Authorities. That’s why it’s important to choose your screw piles that comply with CCMC, since “CCMC is the only code compliance review service for construction products that is provided and supported by the federal government of Canada. (Canada, n.d.).

In short, doing business with Pro Post Foundations ensures that you will avoid many hassles along the way since our screw piles meet all industry standards.

Warranty on screw piles: choose peace of mind

For the consumer, choosing a pile manufacturer that offers a warranty against pile manufacturing defects, as well as a warranty on installation, is synonymous with peacefulness! This is why Pro Post Foundations offers the original purchaser a seven-year warranty on pile installation errors or defects from the time of final installation. The warranty applies provided that the installation is performed by a certified installer. With this protection, not only will you have peacefulness and tranquility for the duration of the work and the years to come, but you will also be assured of the quality of the manufacturing of your piles.

In conclusion, as with any project or investment, serenity is simply priceless. Save yourself a lot of headaches and the risk of having to move or remove your piles and start all over again, by choosing Pro Post Foundations’ products.

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