Designing Your Own Garden Greenhouse: A Winning Option

What could be better than cooking your fresh fruits and vegetables that you harvested in your own garden or greenhouse? Nothing! This is why growing your own fruits, vegetables or even shrubs and plants is an increasingly popular phenomene with everyone. Especially since this represents a great opportunity to have fresh products available throughout the year! Find out why you should consider investing in the construction of your garden greenhouse.

Why design a garden greenhouse?

In addition to being able to get quality fruits, vegetables, and plants at a lower cost, having your own garden or greenhouse ensures that everything you grow there will be free of pesticides or other products harmful to health. In addition, learning to garden is an art and the feeling of pride that you feel when you have a beautiful harvest after sowing is much more satisfying than simply picking up your products at the market or grocery store. 

Of course, it is always possible to have a garden on the ground but owning a garden greenhouse has many advantages. Since the structure is equipped with a roof and walls, it allows you to graze your seedlings and future crops, which are often sensitive to frequent temperature variations, including frost on the ground. Yes, you can continue to harvest even in winter! 

It is also designed to withstand weather, such as rain or snow. Another benefit of the garden greenhouse is that it helps prevent fungus, mold and other diseases that can attack your plantings. In addition to offering protection from the unwanted fungal, the garden greenhouse protects against insects, pests, or animals. 

Building a garden greenhouse on screw piles: ideal for a solid base

When you decide to have a garden and/or greenhouse, several options are available to you. Building your greenhouse on screw piles is the ideal alternative, as it has no harmful ecological impact on the soil. Indeed, in case of demolition of the greenhouse, it will leave no trace of its past existence. You also always have the option to only move the piles, if necessary. In addition, screw piles are excellent anchor points to hold your greenhouse in case of strong winds or other bad weather. 

Also, the construction of your garden greenhouse on helical piles will be done very quickly, in a single day. You will be able to start the interior design the next day and will be ready to sow. Know that no matter the location chosen for your greenhouse, we will be able to carry out your project, whether as an extension of the house or to attach it to an existing building such as the shed or the garage. No matter the desired size or the number of parts you need, screw piles are the solution to consider. 

So these are all the good reasons to have your own garden or greenhouse, and to build it on solid foundations using helical piles. You will see, gardening will bring you many benefits over the seasons, in addition to allowing you to live moments in all zenitude. And you, will you have the green thumb this year? 

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