How Screw Piles Can Improve Your Outdoor Renovation Projects

When we undertake a renovation in our backyard, screw piles seem to be the popular and effective choice for most projects. In this article, we’ll explore how screw piles can transform and enhance your outdoor renovation projects.




Terraces and decks are essential outdoor living spaces, particularly popular during the summer months. Using screw piles for the foundation of these structures offers several advantages.

Fast, solid installation: Screw piles can be installed quickly, without the need for extensive excavation work. Also, this type of foundation is adapted to withstand ground movement and extreme weather conditions. Your deck or terrace will remain stable and in good condition for many years to come.

An adaptable foundation solution: Whether your soil is sand, clay or gravel, screw piles can be used effectively to create a stable foundation. What’s more, screw piles can be installed under an existing project. An interesting option if the only purpose of the renovation is to solidify the structure.




Garden structures such as pergolas, garden sheds and greenhouses can transform your outdoor space into a true peaceful haven. Screw piles are ideal for these projects for the following reasons.

Structural flexibility: screw piles can be precisely positioned to suit a variety of structural designs. This offers great flexibility for creating unique, customized structures.

An affordable solution: In most cases, the budget allocated to these renovations needs to be as small as possible. This means finding the right balance between solid (concrete) and affordable (sonotube). Screw piles represent the middle ground, as they are more affordable than concrete and more durable than concrete or sonotubes. You can read more on the subject in our article “Screw Piles VS Sonotubes


This makes screw piles a practical and effective solution for a variety of exterior renovation projects. Their rapid installation and adaptability to various soil types, as well as their durability, make them an ideal choice for decks, terraces, garden structures, verandas and balconies. By choosing screw piles, you can significantly transform your outdoor spaces, creating stable, durable and aesthetically pleasing structures. Trust the PROS to help you with your outdoor renovation projects this summer, and benefit from our screw pile installation expertise.


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