Helical piles: A customized solution for electrical vehicle charging stations installation

With the growing interest for electrical vehicles allowing consumers significant savings on gasoline as well as actively contributing to environment protection, it is not a surprise to see more and more cities, schools, industries, stores, car constructors, contractors and owners installing electrical vehicle charging stations.

To ensure the greatest accessibility and when locations allow it, terminal charging points are installed directly on existing buildings.

But what to do when it is simply impossible to install an electrical vehicle charging station on an existing building is a question that needs to be answered.

In simple words, no worries! This is where the helical piles, or screw piles and their numerous benefits come into play.

Although there are many options that can be used as a foundation for electrical vehicle charging stations, screw piles include many favorable arguments:



Costs savings: Screw pile technology requires minimal to no excavation, no curing time, no backfilling nor ground levelling once anchored in the ground.

It will allow you to save time and money, two very appreciable aspects to keep in mind in the execution of your project!

Environmentally friendly: Installing screw piles is indisputably the greenest solution to consider for people mindful of reducing their ecological footprint as screw piles can be easily moved to another location and support a different structure provided the loads to be supported and dimensions are similar.

Convinced? All you have to do is to choose the right location for your charging station:

Considering the fact that an electrical wire will have to be installed under the ground and that those can be quite expensive, we suggest you take the necessary time to assess your different options and take precise measurements.  Keep in mind that the closer your electrical charging station will be from your electrical source, the greater the savings will be achieved both in time and money.

Looking forward to see you enjoying your new electrical car charging station!

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