Clothesline installed on a screw pile

Nothing compares to the fresh smell of clothes dried outside, and what about the energy (and money) savings! These are all good reasons to install a clothesline in your yard! Clotheslines are exposed to all types of weather which means that they need to be sturdy and rust resistant. Installing a screw pile foundation for your clothesline represents an efficient and durable choice.

Stability and solidity

PIn order to ensure its durability, our installer will use specialized equipment to drive the screw pile past the ground’s frost line, and then add a galvanized steel extension to the pile. Firmly anchored into the ground by a helix plate at the bottom of the pile, your clothesline foundation will be impervious to ground movements caused by frost and thaw cycles. Your clothesline post will remain level and straight, and will never sink into the ground.

Quick and easy installation

Our in-house engineer will determine which type of pile to use according to your structure and type of soil.

Screw piles can be installed in any soil type and whatever the environmental constraints! Our Kubota mini-tractor is equipped with lawn tires that will not damage your property, contrary to the heavy machinery required for regular foundations. Our equipment is also capable of circulating and functioning in very tight spots, and our installers can easily install piles close to existing structures.

Moving and reusing screw piles

Our screw piles can be removed if needed. Thanks to our specialized equipment, your installer can remove the pile from the ground and move it elsewhere. Therefore, if you ever want to change your clothesline’s location, the screw pile can be extracted and installed elsewhere on your property.


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