Screw pile lamp post installation

Are you thinking of putting up a lamp in your backyard in order to light up your garden? You would not want it to lean over or even to fall over in time would you? Anchoring your structure on a screw pile will ensure its long term solidity and resistance to the elements.

Stability and solidity

Pro Post Foundations piles are always driven down past the ground’s frost line, which means that they are impervious to temperature fluctuations. Our piles are more resistant than traditional concrete foundations, and can therefore withstand any type of weather, whether it be strong winds, snow, rain and even draughts.

Quick and easy installation

Our professionals will determine the right type of pile you need according to the structure and the type of soil since dense soils dictate a different type of pile than that used in loamy soils. We offer piles ranging in diameter between 1 ⅞ and 6 ⅝ inches equipped with helix plates (the screw that allows to drive the pile down into the ground) anywhere from 8 to 36 inches in size. To learn more about the product, please refer to the technical data sheets.

Our Kubota mini-tractor, equipped with lawn tires, will not damage your property, in fact, in won’t leave any trace of its passage! The pile will be installed quickly and neatly anywhere you want since our tractor can access tight areas and any type of terrain – rocky, muddy, on an incline, etc. Your lamp post can be installed whatever your circumstances!


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