House extension on piles

Would you like to add an extension to your house? Instead of having it rest on traditional foundations, why not install screw pile foundations? This is the ideal solution in unstable soils, in flood prone zones or on steep inclines. Screw piles will save you both time and money.

Stability and solidity

Installed under a wooden structure or under a concrete slab, screw piles reach under the ground’s frost line and are therefore impervious to ground movements, which means your structure will be well stabilized. The number, size and placement of the piles will depend on the type of structure and its weight. Pro Post Foundations’ technical team will also take into account the type of soil in order to determine the type and number of piles to be installed. We offer piles ranging in diameter between 1 ⅞ and 6 ⅝ inches equipped with helix plates anywhere from 8 to 36 inches in size. To learn more about the product, please refer to the technical data sheets.

Quick and easy installation

Pile installation requires much less machinery and work than traditional concrete foundations. The Kubota mini-tractor used to install the piles is compact and equipped with lawn tires to avoid damaging your property. The work is done quickly and neatly. This compact machinery also allows to access tight and out of the way areas that would otherwise be out of reach.

You may begin work on your structure as soon as the piles are installed, no waiting period necessary! Make sure, however, to provide adequate insulation to the floor of your extension, since building on piles will leave it exposed underneath.


Choosing a pile foundation will not only allow you to avoid complex earthworks and therefore avoid damaging your property, it will also allow you to save money since piles are a much more affordable alternative than traditional concrete foundations. To obtain a fair work estimate, contact one of our Pro Post Foundations accredited dealers.

Whatever the scope of your house extension project, Pro Post Foundations are the ones you need!

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