Garage on screw piles

Simple or double, attached or detached, adjacent or integrated, your garage is the ideal place to DIY, to store things and, of course, to park your car! A solid foundation is a must in order to avoid having your garage sink into the ground or having its concrete slab crack over time. Concrete piles (Sonotube) tend to move around over time. Screw piles, on the other hand, are an efficient way to keep your garage foundations solidly and permanently anchored into place.

Stability and solidity

Driven down below the ground’s frost line and anchored down thanks to a helix plate set at the bottom of the pile’s shaft, our piles are impervious to ground movements caused by temperature fluctuations.

Quick and easy installation

The number, size and placement of the piles will depend on the type of structure and the soil’s composition. Our professionals will determine the right type of pile for your needs. We offer piles ranging in diameter between 1 ⅞ and 6 ⅝ inches equipped with helix plates (the screw that allows to drive the pile down into the ground) anywhere from 8 to 36 inches in size. To learn more about the product, please refer to the technical data sheets.

The Kubota mini-tractor used to install the piles is capable of accessing very tight spots, which means that our installers can easily install piles close to existing structures. Equipped with lawn tires, our tractor will not damage your property. Moreover, the scope of work involved will be much less than for traditional concrete foundations. You will be able to start building your garage as soon as the piles have been driven into the ground!


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