Constructing a house on screw piles

Careful planning is essential when constructing a house, whether on your own or with the help of a contractor. Esthetics are one thing, but you must not forget to take into consideration your project’s solidity and durability. Stable and durable foundations are essential if you want to avoid seeing your house sink into the ground or have your concrete foundations crack. Screw piles offer unparalleled stability, whatever the type of soil. We can also install piles under an existing house in order to stabilize it.

Stability and solidity

During construction, screw piles can be installed to support a concrete slab or the foundation’s footing. In both cases, the piles will be solidly anchored below the ground’s frost line thanks to the helix plate at the bottom the pile’s shaft. Your foundations will be impervious to ground movements due to soil composition or to frost and thaw cycles.

Quick and easy installation

The number, size and placement of the piles must be determined according to the structure’s type and weight. Our team of experts will also determine what type of piles to use according to the type of soil as well as your project’s scope.

Installing screw piles will be quicker and will require less work and workers than traditional concrete foundations or concrete piles (Sonotube). Moreover, our compact Kubota mini-tractor equipped with lawn tires will not damage your property – in fact, it won’t even leave a trace!

Once the piles are installed, construction can begin without any further delay!


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