Your screw piles distributor servicing the Outaouais Region


Marco Gagnon

Outaouais region Distributor

Hector, Marco and Karina Gagnon, our passionate distributors and installers for the Outaouais region, offer you professional services.

Proud Pro Post Foundations distributors and installers since February 2016, Hector, Marco and Karina Gagnon had long dreamed of owning their own business. All three were fueled by a passionate desire to integrate the business world. Ambitious and true visionaries, they decided to take on the challenge of becoming Pro Post Foundations distributors and installers.

Hector, Marco and Karina think that screw piles represent the future of the construction industry, and that consumers and businesses will soon be requesting these products. Rather than going for traditional concrete foundations, why not choose the simple, quick and efficient solution we offer?

The three partner’s various and distinctive professional skill sets are all put to work in their daily business dealings. For example, Hector, who was previously a forestry operations manager and supervisor for Rexforet, relies on his business management skills in order to offer a great client experience and to ensure the business is well managed.

When asked what separates Pro Post Foundations screw piles from the competition, the three partners said it was undoubtedly the Kubota mini-tractor, a performant and multitasking piece of equipment that allows them to offer clients impeccable services. The mini-tractor can tackle all types of terrain and can access even the most difficult to reach places! They also insist on the fact that this mini-tractor will not damage the client’s property and will leave virtually no trace of its passage!

Hector, Marco and Karina are proud of their many realisations, and always strive to offer quality services. One of their favorite projects involved the building, in collaboration with the MAKWA Company, of sanitary facilities and a marquee for a local camp ground.

Choosing Pro Post Foundations screw piles is always choosing:

  • First quality galvanized screw piles and accessories
  • Screw piles and accessories in conformity with the National Building Code (CCMC license 13608-R)
  • Screw piles manufactured in a plant that is certified by CWB (Canadian Welders Bureau) thus ensuring of the quality and solidity of Pro Post Foundations piles
  • Complete engineering services for your project
  • Polyvalent and strudy, our dedicated front attachment and tractor distinguishes Pro Post Foundations for its high precision screw pile installation
  • Our equipment has turf tire that will not damage lawn and landscaping
  • Our mini backhoe can quickly extract obstacles, remove sonotubes or dig to install anchors to bedrock
  • A team and network composed of more than 30 specialists in 7 Canadian provinces
  • More than 15 years of on-site experience
  • It is especially choosing peace of mind for the foundations of your project!!!

To get more information regarding the specification of our helical piles please, visit OUR PILES section

Screw pile applications

From clotheslines to cottage foundations, screw piles can be used for an ever increasing number of things! Screw piles can be used to support all sorts of structures: car ports, terraces, houses, cottages, house extensions, solariums, lamp posts, clotheslines, and much more.