Whether you wish to build a shed, a cottage or add an addition to your house, or install a solarium, a lamp post, a porch, a patio, a gazebo, a mailbox or a clothesline, having Pro Post Foundations galvanized steel piles installed by our professionals will make your construction or renovation project so much easier.

Tourism and Recreation

Our highly adaptable equipment will allow you to install boardwalks, small bridges, observation towers and play areas for the kids. We have screw piles suitable for any type of terrain – wetlands, sandy beaches, heavy clay – so you can build the tourism or recreational structures you need for your business.

Commercial / Industrial

Pro Post Foundations’ distributor will team up with you to determine which type of screw piles are required for your commercial project. Your construction or renovation project can begin as soon as the piles have been installed, rain or shine, keeping your project on schedule! We use powerful and adaptable machinery and equipment that allows us to work rugged terrain and tight spots; we can even install piles inside existing structures.
Residential / Decks
Tourism and Recreation / Boardwalks
Commercial / Industrial / Solar Arrays
Tourism and Recreation / Docks and Boathouses
Residential / Sheds and Accessory Buildings
Residential / Fences
Residential / Gazebo
Residential / Car Port
Commercial / Industrial / Industrial Applications
Tourism and Recreation / Homes and Cottages
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