Our piles

A helical pier is in fact a giant screw driven into the ground in order to anchor and support a new or existing structure. Made of galvanized steel, Pro Post Foundations’ screw piles feature a variable-sized helix plate at the bottom of the shaft. At the top of the shaft, an adjustable pile head allows to appropriately adjust the level of the structure that will rest upon it. Sunk below the ground’s frost line, our foundation piles offer unequaled structural stability.

Pro Post Foundations piles are extremely adaptable. Pile shafts come in various lengths and diameters and variable-sized helix plates to accommodate your construction needs while providing adequate load bearing capabilities and stability in the type of soil found on your construction site.

Pro Post Foundations helical piers are certified by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (license number 13608-Rand meet Canada’s National Building Code requirements. See the Technical information section for more information on our certification and the technical specifications, i.e. specific use, dimensions and load bearing capacity.

Metal helical foundation pile

1 ⅞ in. Pro Post
Helical Piles

  • Roofless porches and balconies;
  • Patios;
  • Wooden staircases;
  • Garden sheds, tool sheds;
  • Mailboxes;
  • Lamp posts;
  • Small exterior landscaping (ex. culverts).

2 ⅜ in. Pro Post
Helical Piles

  • Roofed porches and balconies;
  • Deck intended to support a hot tub;
  • Concrete staircases and porches;
  • Solariums and green houses;
  • Gazebos;
  • Car ports;
  • Boat docks;
  • Clotheslines;
  • Advertising signs;
  • Garden sheds, tool sheds;
  • Fences.

See technical data sheet

3 ½ in. Pro Post
Helical Piles

  • Cottages;
  • Mobile homes;
  • Garages;
  • Warehouses;
  • Commercial advertising signs;
  • Solar panels;
  • Billboards;
  • Foot bridges and walkways;
  • Silos and greenhouses as well as various other agricultural structures;
  • Industrial equipment supports;
  • All types of recreational and tourism structures.

See technical data sheet

Pro Post Foundations’ certification

  • Our helical piers are made from top quality galvanized steel;
  • Pro Post Foundations offers you nothing less than the very best product available on the market; our helical piers support 25% more weight than any other pile, and they are 40% stronger in tensile strenght. Have a look at the load bearing capacity of our product: CCMC, licence 13608-R;
  • Pro Post Foundations screw piles are always installed by certified specialists who can rely on round the clock technical assistance to offer you the best possible solution for your projects;
  • Pro Post Foundations installs its helical piers using the most efficient, adaptable and modern machinery and equipment available;
  • Pro Post Foundations screw piles are certified by the Canadian Construction Materials Center (CCMC) and meet Canada’s National Building Code requirements, thus giving you peace of mind as to the quality and stability of your foundations.

Our Equipment

Our Equipment
  1. Pro Post Foundations works with very efficient machinery and equipment. We use the Kubota mini tractor, a very adaptable and powerful piece of machinery, to install our helical pier. Equipped with a mini excavator at the back, this machine can also remove rocks and other types of debris in order to install the piles precisely where needed. In most cases, all the installation work can be completed the very same day.
  2. Our mini excavator can also perform various other tasks such as remove existing cement piles (Sonotubes), and securely anchor the screw piles on rock when necessary. Once again, in most cases, work can be completed in a single day.
  3. Our equipment easily adapts to most types of terrains and can access confined or difficult to reach places. Our machinery is equipped with turf tires, to avoid damaging your property.
  4. Thanks to its specialized machinery and equipment, Pro Post Foundations can install helical piers underneath existing structures or in preparation for new structures in even the most restricted and difficult to access areas!
Helical metal pile
Concrete pile (Sonotube)

No excavation required.

Excavation necessary.

Perfectly installed and levelled, screw piles will not cause damage to the surrounding property.

Installing perfectly level concrete piles is difficult.

Installation through certified Pro Post Foundations employees.

Anybody and everybody can claim to be an expert at this type of work.

Once the work is done, our installers put everything back into place. Yes, you have read correctly, we make sure to leave as little evidence as possible of our presence!

Excavation work is messy: excavated material, traces left on the ground by heavy machinery, hardened lumps of concrete and various types of debris left behind; a massive cleanup job is a must.

You can begin constructing your structure the same day. Less time will save you money and energy!

Curing time is necessary when installing sono-tubes. You lose time and money waiting! Curing time is also weather dependant and may add additional delays.

Quick, clean, professional work.

Heavy cement trucks sitting on your lawn, traces left behind by heavy machinery, hardened lumps of concrete and debris, delayed curing time due to the weather, massive cleanup job once the work is over – all of these things can leave you with the impression that you did not quite get your money’s worth!

One installer, one machine. Our installers own their franchise, thus ensuring quality work.

Many people will be involved in the process, i.e. general contractor, concrete subcontractor, etc.

Guaranteed engineered product; guaranteed installation service!

In general, no specific guarantee is provided for concrete piers and technical load bearing specifications for such are also hard to come by.

Pro Post Foundations’ expert installers will counsel you as to the appropriate helical piers to use for your project. We have an in house structural engineer ready to examine your project if need be.

Most people rely on their intuition to choose the type of concrete pile (diameter and base) they will use, as an informed choice is often difficult to make.

Helical piers can be installed year round.

The concrete piles must be poured during frost free, dry weather periods of the year, which limits the project’s time frame.

Helical piers are an ecological solution since they can be moved to another location or reused for other projects.

Concrete piles can neither be moved nor reused.

  • Pro Post Foundations screw piles are installed below the ground’s frost line;
  • The screw piles are driven into the ground without damaging the surrounding area and our specialists make sure that they are perfectly leveled;
  • You are saving both money and energy by choosing a revolutionary product such as the helical pier for your project!